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Here goes:

1. I am a scientist.

2. Though not born in Australia, I have lived in Sydney for the longest ever time.

3. I love tea. And tiny bookshops. And indie films. And the sea.

4. I think Australia’s greatest contribution to the world is Phryne Fisher:)

5. My all time favourite Australian novel is Eucalyptus. Though My Brilliant Career was the most influential when I read it at age 15.

Hi biyuti, I love your blog! I saw your post about orientalism. If you're doing 101s, do you have any thoughts on transracial adoption between (usually) east Asian countries and white Western ones?

Asked by Anonymous


most of my thoughts are negative. 

like, leaving aside the super corrupt adoption agencies who are literally stealing children and the more material realities of the situation, it is just so filled with gross orientalism that… no. 

i grew up in the era of when China was first implementing the one child policy. so there was a lot of… ‘interesting’ comments all over the media that would both chastise China for its ‘overpopulation’ but also for the fact that some desperate parents were killing their girl babies. 

and so, at this time it was super fashionable for white couples to want to adopt baby Chinese girls, to rescue them from their dire fate at the hands of the super extra sexist mega monster Chinese ppl and the poverty and the communism and all the rest. 

it is a literal example of white paternalism towards poc. 

and we could also talk about the orientalist discourse that makes little Asian girls so attractive to white ppl (ie, the fact that Asian women/girls are always thought to be docile and well behaved) but. ugh. this topic kind of makes me queasy because fuck white ppl and their baby snatching. because they also do this in record numbers in their own countries by stealing Indigenous and/or Black babies.